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We Believe Trading
is for Everyone

Every market, no matter how volatile, always moves in patterns. Trading tools make it easy to identify these patterns, which then help make predictions related to future movement.
At Kryptofx, we offer a wide range of charts that provide insight into price movements and help identify trends, whether the trend is strong or weak, which stage of the trend the currency pair is currently in and whether the trend is smooth or erratic.

These insightful trading charts are available for free and can also be easily customized to fit different trading styles. Kryptofx trading charts help novice traders easily identify a trend and make a prediction as well as enable experienced traders to determine and use their own trading strategies or models. View market movements real-time, track the history of price changes or view advanced technical analysis in multiple timeframes.

With Kryptofx trading charts, you can:

  • Customize to your individual preferences
  • View multiple timeframes, and identify patterns and trends
  • Make informed trading decisions on the analysis of real-time data
  • View multiple indicators for each currency pair

Helping you Transact in the Economy of the Future.

Choose Kryptofx for Smart, Safe and Simple Trading.

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