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Multiple Exchanges, One Single Platform!
The World is One!

At least in economic parlance, that seems to be the underlying message that’s coming out of the advent of cryptocurrencies. Who would have thought a decade ago that there would emerge a universal digital currency that anyone could effortlessly transact over different geographies, without getting entangled in the web of country-specific regulations? What happened with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 has now transcended into a global economic revolution, where it is set to become a trillion-dollar market.

Quite similar to the banking model, online cryptocurrency exchanges facilitate transactions between two parties. Using such exchanges, a cryptocurrency trader can invest an amount in an exchange in the currency that the exchange supports. The balance in the trading account with that exchange can then be used to perform transactions and trade with other users on the exchange.

Bittrex, Bleutrade, Poloniex, OKCoin, CryptoX, Vaultoro, Cryptonit, BitStamp…

Do these names ring a bell?

If you are an avid trader in cryptocurrency, you will very well relate to some of these popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges that exist all over the world today. From Bitrex, a US-based digital currency exchange platform, to Bitstamp, licensed in Luxembourg with powers to exchange in the entire European Union, along with the various other exchanges, end up opening a world of possibilities for you to make profitable transactions using Cryptocurrency – The Currency of the Future.

There are several other advantages associated with many of these exchanges. For instance, Vaultoro, based out of London, UK, also doubles up as a global bitcoin-gold exchange platform. Using their platform, a trader can buy or sell gold within minutes, using Bitcoin. By leveraging such a platform, you can eliminate the need of a middleman and deal directly with other traders. You will not only get instant settlements into your exchange account but also benefit from their 100% insurance protection feature.

At Kryptofx, we realize that when the world is open, there are infinite possibilities to flourish. Using our platform, you can gain quick access to a wide range of digital currency exchanges from all over the world using just one single account.

So why wait? Sign up with us today and gain access to these exchanges and make the most of this new fintech revolution.

Exchange Exchange Name Exchange Code
BitCoint Bitcoin BTC
Etherium Ethereum ETH
Ripple Ripple XRP
LiteCoin Litecoin LTC
EtheriumClassic Ethereum Classic ETC
DashCoin Dash DASH
BitShares BitShares BTS
StratisCoin Stratis STRAT
Monero Monero XMR
PotCoin PotCoin POT

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